Little Axe..”Stone Cold Ohio”

was fortunate to receive a $25 Amazon gift card recently..

got Firesign Theatre CD “Everything You Know is Wrong”
a great Ken Nordine CD “Devout Catalyst”,

and something from Skip Mc Donald..”Little Axe..the Wolf That House Built”.
Here’s a little ditty from that L.P.

Wonderful world, beautiful people..just gotta be a little selective the inspiration from all these folks, keeps the positive energy happening.

2 thoughts on “Little Axe..”Stone Cold Ohio””

  1. interesting editing on this music clip. i felt like i was going in and out of a space-blues guitar coma.

    a good thing.

  2. yes, that was an interesting edit, intended or not.

    Little Axe (Skip MacDonald) is one of those incredibly talented and challenging musicians..blues,dub,rap,poet,reggae,gospel..on it goes.
    Trace his lineage with Doug Wimbish and Keith Le Blanc, from Grandmaster Flash,Tackhead,Adrian Sherwood, to Peter Gabriel.. and on this song I hear the blues:2010.

    (p.s. also, my mistake..”Stone Cold Ohio” is from the LP of the same name,not from “the Wolf That House Built”).

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