The Inventions of Dr. Nakamats..part 1.

So many things going on here..
“good smell is good camera”.
please, stay tuned for part 2.

4 thoughts on “The Inventions of Dr. Nakamats..part 1.”

  1. I like this man too.
    Is the gentleman in the video you attached really your biological father?
    Even if he isn’t, what a nice fellow!
    I wonder if he surfs..?

  2. He doesn’t surf. However, he is my father. Thank you. I never met him. I was adopted and finally located him a couple months ago. He’s 82 now and I’ve just recently sent him a letter. Fingers crossed.

  3. VLK..
    my fingers crossed too!
    what a journey..I wish you peace and happiness.
    it can be such a wonderous world.

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